Microwave chemical processors

UpScale Microwave’s suite of microwave chemical processors enables seamless scale-up production from research to commercial scale. Microwave processing addresses several important  principles of sustainable/green chemistry.  Cleaner outcomes, faster processing, ease of use and versatile application combine to benefit the bottom line.

UpScale Microwave’s unique technology generates highly uniform intensity over large volumes necessary for processing beyond the research scale.  Intensity uniformity, coupled with the instantaneous penetrating capability of microwave heating, enables fine temperature control with minimal thermal gradients and ultimately cleaner outcomes.

To avoid costly reformulation,  each of our processors was developed from a common design concept to ensure direct translation to larger scales.  Case studies demonstrating seamless scale-up of four distinct chemistries verified that the development process from gram to commercial scale production can be completed in less than one month.  Our development procedure includes transitioning to continuous flow processing at the final stage to capture the inherent economic and operational advantages of this method.  Click here to download the white paper describing these case studies.

The standard temperature and pressure operating ranges common to all processors are 40 C to 250 C and vacuum to 25 Bar (-15 to 350 psig) respectively. Our standard designs can be adapted for higher temperature or pressure operation if desired.

Our processors are available for sale.  Compact modular design allows flexible implementation for a wide variety of applications such as batch, continuous-batch, continuous flow and reflux at pressure.  Other functions can be implemented through several general purpose ports to meet specific customer needs. Our equipment is readily extended to applications such as extraction, digestion and powder drying.

Click here to view our microwave peptide reactor series configured specifically for scale-up peptide synthesis.

Reactor Suite In Blue 585 Reactors

UpScale processor suite